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Spatter Remover 511
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Spatter Remover 511

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Product Details:
Packaging TypePlastic Jar
BrandSpatter Remover 511
Packaging Size1 Kg, 5 Kg, etc
Grade StandardTechnical Grade

Spatter Remover 511 ( Semi Gel Form ) is a product which has changed welding methods. This product is non- toxic , non – flammable , non-polluting and silicone free-water based anti spatter cream compound cum flux .

Benefits of Spatter Remover 511

Spatter Remover 511 is applied before starting the welding procedure for achieving the below mentioned benefits:


  • Grinding and Chipping not needed for removing spatters
  • Slag are easily removed
  • Drastic reduction in cleaning cost
  • Dense and clean weld joint
  • Gaseous and non-metallic inclusions are minimized
  • Tremendous improvement in the efficiency of welder
  • Gently removes spatters thus maintains smooth parent surface
  • Eco-friendly product as it is free from chipping and grinding procedure
  • Preferred by ISO-14000 organization, no health hazards thus safe for welders
  • Enhances mechanical and metallurgical properties of weld metal

Spatter Remover 511 is time-tested by NABL recognized lab in Mumbai, India whose results are officially approved by several Government departments chief inspection agencies. Spatter Remover 511 proves efficient when undergone various mechanical tests such as bend test, load test, tensile test and radiography test, showing advancement in weld joint quality with use of Spatter Remover 511.

Due to this technological breakthrough product, you will completely eliminate laborious time-consuming chipping and grinding operations required for removing weld spatters thereby obtain better weld joint quality.


Features of Spatter Remover 511:

  • Incombustible, non-toxic and safe to use
  • Non-pollutant thus environment friendly
  • Silicone free
  • Emulsion form – use special spray bottle or apply with brush
  • Easy to apply on required area, no wastage
  • Easily removed from metal surface after welding for further painting
  • Tremendously reduces noise and air pollution in the workshop meeting the WHO guidelines for the industry
  • Enhances depth of penetration as the heat loss from top of the weld metal is held by the film, conserving around 5-10 percent of energy

Suitability of Spatter Remover 511:

Spatter Remover 511 can be applied to any kind of weld metal including arc, manual, CO2, argon, MIG, etc. for any kind of ferrous materials such as CS, SS, MS and all alloy steels. Spatter Remover 511 is ideal for fabrication of industrial equipments, tanks, boilers, vessels, pipelines, fabricated pinions and gears etc.


How to apply Spatter Remover 511:

  • Stir the container well before using
  • The application surface must be free from grease and oil etc.
  • Apply a thin and uniform film of Spatter Remover 511 on any metal surface with any brush; or use a special spray bottle/system on both sides of welding surface – prior to welding. (Around 3–4 inches where spatters are likely)
  • Start welding on the metal surface to be welded only after Spatter Remover 511 has dried completely

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Rust Converter 177
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Rust Converter 177

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Product Details:
Packaging Size1 Kg, 5 Kg, etc
Packaging TypePlastic Jar, Bottles
Usage/ApplicationIndustrial Use
BrandStar 177
Shelf Life2 Years
ManufacturerKrystal Surface Solution

Large structural painting jobs in various heavy engineering industries and projects especially in coastal areas involve the cumbersome rust removal by sand/shot blasting, wire brushing or mechanical grinding etc., prior to painting.

Rust Converter -177 ( Liquid Form ) is a single pack ready to use solution which on application converts the Rust and acts as a coating preventing further corrosion and also acts as an ideal base for painting. Rust Converter- 177 prevents the steel from further rusting for a reasonable period of time without any paint coat on it. ( around 2 -3 months stored in room )

Rust Converter - 177 reacts with all the layers and forms a stable non-reactive complex organo-metallic surface having Bluish-black Color. It stops the migration of ions, preventing the electro-chemical corrosion process and hence prolonging the life of paint system which result in considerable savings.



  • Converts existing rust into stable metal complex, forms protective coat and prevents further rusting
  • Eliminates complicated usage of sand blasting,wire brushing and mechanical grinding, saving time and labour
  • Converts the complete structure rust oxide into stable metal complex minimizing the labour cost
  • The final film formed on the original surface fails to hinder with the bond strength on the concrete to the steel bars in RCC structures or any other coating that is finally applied over it
  • Enhances 10 times life at a marginal extra cost when compared to the conventional products (non-film formers), offering better protection
  • Does not require intensive surface preparation except for proper cleaning of pitted iron surface


    Application Guidelines

    • In the corroded steel segment, remove off the loose and flaky rust by mechanical means i.e. use wool, chipping, wire brushing etc. depending upon the intensity of rust
    • Ensure that the surface requiring treatment with Rust Converter 177 is free from paint coat, oil, grease, etc. Then, apply Rust Converter 177 properly with brush, spray, and roller or by dipping on the affected area with uniform strokes for achieving a uniform coat on the steel surface
    • Use a non-metallic container for removing Rust Converter 177


      Areas of Application  : Structural steel tankers (road & sea), overhead water tanks, heavy drilling rigs, chemical process equipment and storage tanks, pipe and tube stock, bridges, conveyors, automobile dickeys, cranes, concrete reinforcements, pipelines etc. and practically in all kinds of industries where problem of rusting of iron exists.

      Coverage and Shelf Life :  Rust Converter 177 covers about 30sq.m / litre (depending upon the surface texture and porosity of the substance. It has unlimited shelf life when stored in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and seal the container properly. Avoid mixing unused and used Rust Converter together; or else rust present in used Rust Converter 177 can induct chemical reaction in unused Rust Converter 177.

      Packing  : 5, 30, 50 kg plastic Carboys

      Safety and Handling Precautions
      : Avoid direct contact with skin, mouth, and eyes. If in contact with skin, mouth and eyes, rinse off with water and get immediate medical check-up. Use of eye shield and gloves is recommended while using Rust Converter 177.

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